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Shotrocker Development

The Shotrocker base is a unique rocking base that naturally rocks forward with the weight of the steel so that the bullet fragments are directed downward to the ground.  If you have ever used a target that tips over when you shot the target you will understand why the Shotrocker is an excellent solution to this problem.

Our Shotrocker Story

After years of target shooting and dealing with constant wind, tall sagebrush, and rocky uneven terrain with targets that failed to perform I developed and built the Adaptive Target System - The Shotrocker target base.  Our Shotrocker Target shooting base is designed to combat all variables and conditions outdoors.  The self-supporting Shotrocker base has the ability to adapt to all terrains and will not tip over.  My targets are made from AR 550 steel for long-term durability with a wide variety of target sizes.  The Shotrocker system is compatible with paper, multi-size steel, and silhouette targets and also has an archery target accessory kit.  

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